Patriot Clones

Just finished up the second episode of Hardknocks on HBO. I have a few thoughts here and seem to be having some trouble wrapping my finger around this team. I understand the fact the Houston Texans want to copy cat my prestigious Pats franchise but cmon! These guys are so far off from being anywhere near the top. Every single Pats cast off on the Texans just couldn’t cut in New England anymore. For instance, you have OB who was TB12’s coach for a couple years. I would say anyone who gets to coach TB12 is going to look like a genius. I understand he did a pretty good job at Penn State but look, the Nittany Lions had nowhere to go BUT up!!!

Second thought would be on Vince Wilfork. We love big 75 here and always will. However, this dude looks like he stopped at every BBQ joint on his way down to Texas. Big 75 has been through the ringer here and every vet’s time will come. Fortunately for us, my Pats were able to make the sound decision of cutting ties a year early than a year to late. Still got love for you big homie!

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I usually admit when I am wrong or inaccurate about something, but I am not about this one.

It is amazing how some people especially all the Patriot haters forget that we are talking about one game here. This “Deflatgate” issue all stems from that Indianapolis Colts beat down back in Jan. why folks cannot just live with that. You got destroyed by a much superior, prepared decked out Pats team. Revis Island was open for business and Browner was smashing the competition, flags or not! I get it some people will say one game or not they still “cheated” I beg to differ, we simply crushed them bottom line!

I will admit this Robert Kraft the most powerful owner (besides Jerry Jones) in the NFL fell for good old Roger’s crap in a back office meeting. Of course we were told otherwise and TB12 was still looking at a 4 game suspension. Now after the Wells report was released which in my opinion was a load of crap and a waste of time, everyone outside of New England believed Bill and Tom pulled another fast one on the league. Everyone is welcome to have their opinions on the Champs!

The Baltimore Ravens, The Indy Colts, The Pittsburg Steelers, Rex Ryan, Yo Mamma, Yo Daddy whoever. Everyone hates the fact that Americas team resides in New England not Texas! Like I said DO WE ALL FORGET IT WAS ONE GAME?! My buddies down in Houston are obviously Texan fans and they are nothing to write home about. Yes they may have snatched up one of New England most prolific run stoppers ever in history but the question remains, who the hell is your QB? Matter of fact I will not waste time talking about the Texans, bring home a chip than maybe we can talk.

The fact remains The New England Patriots are one of the Best Teams in NFL history. They dominated the early 2000’s and cemented the Dynasty that is the Patriots. TB12 & BB best Head Coach QB combo in the game and in the last decade who can argue that? The Haters will say your defense has been dismantled and your QB is gone for the first 4 games of the season what will you do now? The answer is simple come back and smash everyone like last year, maybe worse.

I have a buddy in Houston, TX who owns and he is for sure the Texans will bounce back this year and take back the AFC. I love this dude but let’s be real, he watches one episode of hard knocks and believes it’s time to be crowned as a super bowl champ. And anyways, when did the Texans ever control the AFC? Yes the answer is NEVER! Can you say J-E-T-S? The Texans sound just like the delusional Jets. By the way, I should be posting a blog about the little brother real soon.

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