Patriot Clones

Just finished up the second episode of Hardknocks on HBO. I have a few thoughts here and seem to be having some trouble wrapping my finger around this team. I understand the fact the Houston Texans want to copy cat my prestigious Pats franchise but cmon! These guys are so far off from being anywhere near the top. Every single Pats cast off on the Texans just couldn’t cut in New England anymore. For instance, you have OB who was TB12’s coach for a couple years. I would say anyone who gets to coach TB12 is going to look like a genius. I understand he did a pretty good job at Penn State but look, the Nittany Lions had nowhere to go BUT up!!!

Second thought would be on Vince Wilfork. We love big 75 here and always will. However, this dude looks like he stopped at every BBQ joint on his way down to Texas. Big 75 has been through the ringer here and every vet’s time will come. Fortunately for us, my Pats were able to make the sound decision of cutting ties a year early than a year to late. Still got love for you big homie!

Now on to these wannabe TB12s! Both Hoyer and Mallet have modeled their careers after the… best QB to ever play the sport. Not a bad choice there but the fact it is, you don’t and never will have the talent TB12 has. I admire the fact most QBs want to be Brady but modeling your career after his will not get you on his level. TB12 has put blood, sweat and tears into this franchise for over 10 years. Belichick drafted him from the start knowing he had something special. If Coach Belichick thought he had something special in Hoyer and Mallet, he wouldn’t have given those guys up for a cup of clam chowder.

So to sum this up… If the Texans have even the slightest chance of ever being relevant, I recommend you start from scratch, dig deep and attempt to find the next Brady. This is your only chance you have in making any type of run at the Mighty Pats!! Sorry for the hate but I just love riling up my boy from the H!!!

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