The Time Has Come

Here we are. Middle of December on a major playoff push. My Pats are rolling despite the injuries and we get one more tune up game against the lowly Eagles until we get a chance to take on the hottest the defense in the entire league. Luckily, the Eagles have been playing piss poor football and nows are time to get some new guys involved to step and get some reps. The Eagles have been one of the worst defenses in the entire league the past several weeks so I see my boy Brady taking full advantage this weekend. I anticipate Scott Chandler to step up in place of Gronk and put some major pressure on the Eagles secondary and linebackers. Picking up Chandler was a great move by the Pats front office and just another example of why these guys are the best in the biz. Year and year out we suffer devastating injuries that would cripple most teams. But, here in New England we have the thickest depth of all the teams. I’m also expecting a huge game from Amendola. He hasn’t seen too much of the field but I predict him to step of this week and get warmed before he heads back home to Houston. Amendola will be taking on the Texans secondary who has been playing lights out with the help of JJ Watt. I didnt give the Texans much of a chance with how horrible of a start they had. But now ?? LOOK OUT because these guys are playing with their freakin hair on fire. I started to get a little concerned about this game because the Texans front 7 has been putting some major pressure on some decent to good teams in the past several weeks. Not only has JJ come on but geez you got this dude name Mercilus and now Clowney starting to pick it up. I see some major concern here. The Texans also lead the league in passing attempts believe it or not. I expect Belichick to exploit their weakness and this game be pretty low scoring. Also, have to be concerned with our guy Wilfork being on the Texans now. WE know when that dude has extra motivation it can be lights out for the center and guards because know one is stopping that big boy. I’ve gotten so jacked for this game by buddy down in Kingwood, TX is flying me down so we can go to the game. Even though he owns a limo service he won a bet with a rival limo rental company in his area and that’s who’s picking me up from the airport and taking us to the game. They even had to throw in some suite tickets so it’s going to be one hell of a weekend. So  Houston, if you’re for real and want to take it to the next level be ready to step up to the champs. Because to be the champ you gotta beat the champ!!!

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