Who is this guy?


Want my story? Sure why not.

And yes you guessed it, straight outta Dorchester. If you speak with my girl my loves in life flow this way:

PATS>My Mother>My Rottweiler>My fantasy team>Then well my girlfriend.

See I’m not a 100% sure this is accurate because I love my keeper fantasy football team very much. I only love my dog when it’s not too cold to put him outside.

My obligation to you is to talk NFL. We can’t get enough, but we can all agree these radio/tv guys can be absolutey brutal. Well, give me a chance and let me entertain the crap out of you. But, lets get this one thing clear. This site is called Pats District for a reason. We talk about the freakin PATS!!! Just playing, we will be talking NFL in general but cmon bro!

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